1701 Springvale Rd Placerville, CA TEL: 530.621.4504 (Not available for rent)

Existing Recreation

  • BBQ at the property's outdoor facility.
  • Fish for bass and bluegill.
  • Boating: paddle boat and row boat.
  • Horse shoe.
  • Ping Pong.
  • Volley ball.
  • Badminton.
  • Boardgames: Pictionary, Monopoly, Risk.
  • Target practice*.
  • Hiking, biking* and jogging on the l mile trail around the lake and on other trails.
  • Swimming and snorkeling*.
  • Majong, karaoke, dancing, movie...
  • Nature sketching and painting.
  • Bird watching.
  • Meditation.
    * provide your own equipment.